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Patent filing in India and International Patents

Patenting Services: #IPRs

Indian National Phase under PCT Patent in India. The"National Phase" and "PCT Route" is like "Silk Route" to envision to save the planet "Mother Earth"

Innovation in 2024 and beyond...

Indian inventors and companies should  leverage the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route to efficiently seek international patent protection by filing a single “international” patent application with WIPO, Geneva. 


Preventing intellectual property (IP) theft

Establish a comprehensive intellectual property policy that clearly defines and communicates the importance of protecting trade secrets. Ensure that all partners within the alliance network are aware of and adhere to these IP policies.


Patent Registration Process in India 

We understand that the journey of innovation is akin to navigating the skies, where every creation is influenced by the forces of change—be it a hovering tailwind propelling progress or a challenging headwind demanding resilience.

If you find your business at the crossroads of opportunity and challenge, consider us your partners in this voyage. Our team at TCIS specializes in harnessing the tailwinds of innovation while expertly navigating the headwinds that may come our way.


Why Choose TCIS?

  • Tailwind Expertise: Our team is equipped with the expertise to identify and leverage the tailwinds in your industry. Whether it's optimizing your intellectual property strategy or embracing emerging technologies, we are committed to propelling your business forward.

  • Headwind Resilience: In the face of challenges, we thrive. Our adaptive approach ensures that your business is resilient amidst headwinds. Regulatory complexities, technological disruptions, or global uncertainties—whatever the challenge, we're here to guide you through.

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