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Demystifying Indian Patent Filing: Understanding Key Forms and Procedures Services

In India, filing a patent application with the Indian Patent Office (IPO) is the initial step toward securing protection for your invention.


This process involves submitting a set of forms, either online through the IPO's website or offline by physically delivering hard copies to any patent office.


Understanding the various patent forms and their purposes is essential for navigating the patent filing process effectively.

Application for Grant of Patent: Patent Form 1

Form 1 serves as the application form for a patent submitted to the IPO.

Form 1 includes essential details such as the type of application, applicant's information, inventor(s) details, invention title, priority particulars, and declarations by the inventor(s) confirming their status as the true and first inventor.


Provisional Patent / Complete Specification: Patent Form 2

Form 2 provides the patent specification or description of the invention filed with the IPO. It can be either a provisional patent application or complete specification, depending on the type of patent being sought.

The preamble in Form 2 outlines the nature of the patent specification, whether provisional patent or non-provisional patent.


Statement and Undertaking Under Section 8: Patent Form 3

Form 3 is a declaration submitted by the inventor(s) to the IPO, disclosing information about any corresponding patent applications filed outside India.

It includes details of such applications and an undertaking to inform the IPO regarding any future applications filed abroad.


Request for Extension of Time: Patent Form 4

Form 4 is used to request an extension of time before the Controller for reasons such as the payment of renewal fees. It allows applicants to seek additional time for fulfilling certain patent-related obligations.

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