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#Omnichannel #SAAS for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights #IPRsinVerse #CLIP #ITUGSR

Conducting international patent information researches to find relevant prior art, patent trends, and potential collaborators or competitors in the field of interest #Askpatentexpert

  • Performing patent mapping to products to identify infringers who are using patented technology without authorization. This facilitate the clients to protect their intellectual property rights and seek legal remedies if needed.

  • Managing intellectual property rights for universities, which involves creating and implementing IPR policies, facilitating technology transfer, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among faculty and students.

  • Drafting patent specifications, which are detailed descriptions of the invention, its technical features, and its advantages over the existing solutions. This facilitates the clients to obtain patent protection for their inventions in various jurisdictions.

  • Preparing response to notification of reasons for innovation refusal, which is a document that addresses the objections raised by the patent examiner during the examination process. This facilitate the clients to overcome the rejections and convince the patent examiner of the patentability of their inventions.

  • Being the go-to person to facilitate patent licensing, which is a process of granting permission to use a patented technology to another party in exchange for a fee or royalty. This can facilitate the clients to generate revenue from their patents and expand their market reach.

  • Initiating patent infringement proceedings before the Delhi High Court, which is a legal action taken against an infringer who is using a patented technology without authorization in the territory of India. This can facilitate the clients to enforce their patent rights and seek compensation for the damages caused by the infringement.

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