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Importance of human capacity building & responsible use of data to achieve #SDG11 #evelop103

Importance of human capacity building and responsible use of data to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) #SDG11 #ITUGSR

Developing knowledge and skills in urban planning, policymaking, environmental science, data analytics, community organizing, and more is crucial for sustainable development.

Educational initiatives, training programs, knowledge sharing between cities, and public awareness campaigns can all contribute.

Policymakers, urban planners, technologists, civil society groups and citizens should have opportunities to expand their understanding of sustainability issues and solutions. Any data analytics used should take into account governance, ethics, privacy, potential biases, and be carefully audited.

Data insights should inform human decision-making, not drive it entirely. Datasets from sources like the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) provide helpful benchmarks, progress indicators and insights if used responsibly.

However, local context also matters greatly. Community members should be empowered to contribute their perspectives and experiences to balance "big data" with local voices. Inclusive participation leads to holistic solutions.

Technology should be leveraged as one or more modules to augment human strengths and values, not replace them. center community voices and context. The path to sustainable development requires holistic, human-centric approaches that use data and technology thoughtfully.

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