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How blockchain-based smart contracts potentially support the achievement of Sustainable #ICRD #SDG11

International Cosmic Day celebrations:

Smart Waste Management Contracts

  • Smart contracts automatically execute recycling payments when waste disposal IoT sensors are triggered. Creates circular economy incentives.

Sustainable Transport Rewards

  • Self-executing smart contracts issue mobility credits for using public & active transport options logged via apps and tracking devices.

Decentralized Energy Grids

  • Enable P2P renewable energy exchange via automated smart contracts on distributed ledgers. Boosts adoption.

Algorithmic Urban Planning

  • Build ethics & oversight into smart city simulation models and digital twin platforms using blockchain for transparency.

Participatory Governance Dapps

  • Distributed apps securely record community ballot proposals, vote tallies to embed collective decision-making.

To honour International Cosmic Day, artists could display blockchain-certified limited edition space artwork with smart contracts handling royalties.

Host a crypto-funded scientific discovery competition voted on by citizen scientists. The longevity and expansiveness of space could inspire more future-ready blockchain solutions for life here on earth. Events celebrating cosmos exploration and scientific cooperation could pioneer some of these blockchain models in recognition of shared cosmic heritage.

The core principles of decentralization, security, transparency underpinning blockchain closely align with the accountable, participatory and sustainable themes of SDG 11. This synergy can be showcased to educate the public on International Cosmic Day.

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